Diversity and Inclusion

 alt="New apps aim to help Black travelers find safe, seamless journeys"  title="New apps aim to help Black travelers find safe, seamless journeys"
News / Technology
New apps aim to help Black travelers find safe, seamless journeys
By Nicole Edenedo – Travel Weekly | June 21, 2023
Technology is at the center of an expanding global safety net for Black travelers, as more entrepreneurs create apps that connect them with Black communities abroad.   Read More
 alt="Mitigating travel risk for LGBTQ+ employees"  title="Mitigating travel risk for LGBTQ+ employees"
Opinion / Online
Mitigating travel risk for LGBTQ+ employees
By Andrew Devereux - Healix | June 15, 2023
Companies need to understand how to properly support LGBTQ+ employees, especially during business travel and long-term work assignments.  Read More
 alt="LGBTQ+ travelers' destination choice influenced by current affairs"  title="LGBTQ+ travelers' destination choice influenced by current affairs"
News / Online
LGBTQ+ travelers' destination choice influenced by current affairs
By Linda Fox | June 2, 2023
Research from Booking.com reveals that 80% of U.S. LGBTQ+ travelers say they must consider their safety, up from 65% in 2022. Read More
 alt="RaizUp launches DEI certification for travel companies"  title="RaizUp launches DEI certification for travel companies"
News / Online
RaizUp launches DEI certification for travel companies
By Mitra Sorrells | May 22, 2023
RaizUp’s certification process begins with assessments based on data analysis, interviews and surveys, followed by an audit and development of an action plan for the coming year. Read More
 alt="Beeyonder virtual tours"  title="Beeyonder virtual tours"
News / Startups
Beeyonder sees future for virtual tours despite Heygo shuttering
By Kathryn Walson | April 17, 2023
Boston-based virtual tours company Beeyonder has found that the pre-paid model is largely what makes it sustainable. Companies pay corporate rates for tours. Read More
 alt="airbnb-diverse-underrepresented-communities"  title="airbnb-diverse-underrepresented-communities"
News / Startups
Airbnb grows Entrepreneurship Academy
By Linda Fox | April 6, 2023
The aim of the program is to bring people from diverse and underrepresented communities to host on Airbnb in conjunction with local partners. Read More
 alt="travel-talk-industry-do-better"  title="travel-talk-industry-do-better"
News / Online
Travel Talk: Where can the industry do better?
By PhocusWire | April 3, 2023
Northstar Travel Group's editorial leaders discuss sustainability, DEI and other areas where there is room for future improvement.   Read More
 alt="travel wheelchair"  title="travel wheelchair"
News / Online
Expedia, Wheel the World partner for more accessible travel
By Derek Catron | March 30, 2023
Expedia Group will serve as the exclusive partner to power the lodging supply maintained by Wheel the World, a platform for people with disabilities to book accessible travel.   Read More
 alt="ZaNiheza team"  title="ZaNiheza team"
Interview / Online
Chasing a dream to digitalize immersive travel in Africa
By Derek Catron | March 30, 2023
Charles Shima’s ZaNiheza is building a digital mall for immersive experiences in Africa and beyond.   Read More
 alt="IATA 25by2025 main"  title="IATA 25by2025 main"
News / Online
IATA leads effort to boost representation of women in aviation
By Kathryn Walson | March 28, 2023
The trade association for the global aviation industry is spearheading a voluntary initiative, called 25by2025, with the aim of increasing the number of women in senior positions and under-represented... Read More
 alt="lgbtq travel"  title="lgbtq travel"
News / Online
Misterb&b creates safe space for LGBTQ+ travelers and hosts
By Arvindh Yuvaraj - WebinTravel | March 13, 2023
Matthieu Jost, CEO and co-founder of Misterb&b, is all too familiar with how discrimination can spoil the travel experience.   Read More
 alt="hotel leader diversity"  title="hotel leader diversity"
News / Online
Advocates push for bold steps to diversify hotel leadership
By Derek Catron | March 10, 2023
Wyndham, Marriott, Hyatt and others take steps, but advocates say more may be needed to improve diversity among hotel owners.   Read More
 alt="women in workplace"  title="women in workplace"
Opinion / Technology
3 keys to supporting women in travel tech
By Gal Levy – Faye Travel Insurance | March 9, 2023
International Women's Day should reflect everyday behaviors that make working in travel, tech and travel tech more accessible.   Read More
 alt="female-led-travel-startups"  title="female-led-travel-startups"
News / Startups
Women-led travel startups talk challenges, change, funding
By Linda Fox | March 8, 2023
The pandemic has not helped close the workplace gender gap, but there are gradual improvements. On International Women's Day, PhocusWire discusses some of the issues with three female travel startup... Read More
 alt="female solo traveler"  title="female solo traveler"
News / Online
Travel tech leaves female solo travelers behind
By Ian Jarrett - WebInTravel | March 8, 2023
WayAway is calling for extra help from the travel tech industry to solve the challenges faced by female solo travelers.   Read More